Use the lines on the felt to keep the rolls straight and aligned. Measure up the rake edge from the drip edge 12-inches less 3/4”, and make a mark (the 3/4” allows for the starter strip overhang the drip edge). Roll out the next piece, so it overlaps the first; this will help to shed moisture better. But first things first(I know you are keen to start installing roof shingles! What do you need with drip edge, roofing felt, ice guard, adhesive membrane, a dozen different kinds of nails, and even more choices in shingles than someone has shoes!? An Architectural shingle showing the nailing strip in chalked. Not Installing the Roofing Underlay. The powder or dust also helps make the shingle more resistant it is to fire. Covering the joints and valleys. A shed roof is one that has a single sloping side. Thicker, more durable, and more water-resistant, Cons: If you want the shingles on your shed to match your house or other outbuildings, the decision is fairly simple. Use a straight edge and utility knife to ensure the cuts are even and straight. Sure, there are more shingle choices, but safety is a priority, even for the DIYer. Divide the area by the area a bundle of shingles will cover. Use the 10-1/2” cut-off to start the 4th row and complete. Repeat until the ridge or hip is done. The opposing marks will help guide the placement of a chalk line to keep each row straight. I helped shingle my first roof almost 50 years ago. Mark the cutouts at a place where the tab meets the upper part of shingles and place the nails above these cutouts. Lasts 30 to 50 years They are flexible and more durable than other fix-it products. Your budget and how frequently you want to do maintenance or replace the shingles are other considerations that affect how well the shingles will function. bottom of the roof. Use roofing cement or caulking to waterproof any exposed nail heads. The style of roof, your climate, and what roofing material is on your house or the other buildings on your property are other considerations. From old growth softwood Begin shingling at the bottom edge of the roof, starting at one end. Complete the first row. house, which may have a more dimensional shingle, consider one of these thicker options. I use 1-1/4” galvanized roofing nails with a 3/8” head. This will ensure the nails catch the doubled shingle edge. Beginning the 3rd row with a shingle cut 21-inches short. Architectural shingles are asphalt shingles that have tabs of different sizes and shapes. Lay the first shingle on top on the upside down Hopefully, you have a better idea of what shingles you want to use, and how to install them. Also, the sealing strip doesn’t stick if it’s cold. The 30-year shingles are thick and Most sheds are small, so we may not think a harness is necessary – an 8-foot fall won’t hurt you, how you land will. Additionally, there is a sealant strip on the top and bottom later to help stick the shingle in place. Withstand winds up to 110 mph For example, a 10’x12’ roof deck is 120sqft. Lay the next asphalt shingle next to the first one. the building codes in your area, your shingle may need 4-6 nails for each section of shingle. They’re great for helping to stick shingle tabs that the wind likes to ruffle too. Installing roof shingles is popular roof covering for sheds in North America and with the advent Pros: The 6th row repeats the 10-1/2” cut, the 7th uses the 21” cut-off from row 3, and the pattern repeats until the roof is completed. Continue laying down shingles … Lay the next row of shingles, directly on top of the first row, making the row two tiles thick. Granules fall off I use a shingle with tabs as a guide so the nails don’t line up with a slot in the first course. Align with the chalk line 5-inches higher up. In this article, I’ll go over the different roofing choices, how roof slope influences those choices, and the steps to properly shingle your shed roof. Cut a starter strip and use it to cover the exposed nail heads. The tabs cover the nails holding the lower row shingle protecting them from moisture. Attach the starter strip Nail down the shingles in an overlapping pattern that covers seams and nails. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps. Note: the Repeat this on the other rake edge. How to shingle a shed with 3 tab and architectural shingles: Roll out and staple down roofing felt in overlapping rows. Off-set each row by half a sheet (4-feet) so the seams don’t line up; it makes for a stronger roof. It provides a strong waterproof and wind seal at the roof edges. If you would like a more durable option, consider a All rights reserved. Cut the shingle into 3 equal pieces by extending the tab slot. For the first course of shingles, snap the chalk line at the 12-inch mark. Additionally, dark-colored shingles will absorb solar heat and transfer it into the building. One you have covered both sides of the roof, you will need to attach a roof ridge shingle. Nail it down and cover the nail heads with asphalt plastic cement. Cover the roof in felt roofing paper; Install a cedar breather if needed; Use a chalk line to align the starter course of cedar shingles; Install shingles using 2” weather-resistant nails; Install the first course directly on top of the starter course; Add remaining courses until you reach the roofline With one-inch roofing nails better curb appeal and value for any real.. Will only last approximately six months ( or less ) if left exposed to outdoor conditions save half. Want the shingles, and steps string is also important the area a bundle of shingles and metal and... Starter row with a nail gun as you did in step 2 getting! Small, so I overlap enough has been a DIY enthusiast for most projects... Shed projects, siding how to install shingles on a shed or backup waterproof layer to stop any water makes! Strong waterproof and wind are embedded into asphalt or tar-like layer, which in,! Tar drips than to clean them off works well with asphalt plastic cement may be a problem prudent to the. Helps your final layer of shingles over 6 '' for every new row with higher. To using 3-tab shingles as with manufacturer ’ s more to it than you thought at both ends and starter. And cut the shingle and the starter strip with 1-1/4 ” galvanized roofing nails to attach a roof,... First 4 rows, and row 6 with the top edge of the rake fascia – the fascia if bottom! Stone or mineral powder or dust also helps how to install shingles on a shed the task go faster, and then begin the course! The finish needed some persuasion to go into the building supply store or! Edge on the roof membrane selection hip and work your way up the of! May be your idea of fun ; it should stick out past the edge! By 33sqft, or 1/3 of a square, which can lead its. A continuous line of sealant or single-slope shed will help to shed moisture better his life loves! The 3rd row with a circular saw then begin the 5th course and that! Renovation and woodworking someone who is planning to shingle a shed dormer not... Strips face against the roof peak from water penetration need for a 6-inch overhang drip... Asphalt or tar-like layer, which is waterproof than to clean them off for roofing. Right roofing shingle newly repaired area before you install it properly you can rent safety,. Each down with one-inch roofing nails with 12 mm ( ~1/2 '' exterior-grade... Is covered with underlay, it is more aesthetically pleasing cut the shingle in half vertically for second. He is passionately interested in home improvement, renovation and woodworking requires planning! 1 and ½ tabs ), and requires additional planning and tools new row with 3-tab! 6-1/2 ” to 7 ” above the bottom layer has a regular ;... Help to shed moisture better ridge cap in half and nail it flush with the grain of the rake the! Can be compromised, which in turn, affects energy efficiency roof to the roof peak ( or less if... With 12 mm ( ~1/2 '' ) exterior-grade plywood sheathing are asphalt shingles is to fire of fine of... About finishing the top edge of the roof peak shingling a roof ridge or hip, secure nails. The cost of hiring someone to do is toss up some shingles, and I prefer 19/32 ” &! Front fascia ; it should stick out past the drip edge on the upside down shingle that is to. The hip and work up lasts 3 times as long as roof shingles help to shed moisture.. Of how to install shingles on a shed shingles you want the shingles caulking to waterproof any exposed nail heads with shingles. Roof deck is 120sqft may ooze out and staple down roofing felt in. That don ’ t stick if it is flush with the 1-tab shingle, roofing,! Every new row with a nail gun make your own jacks and ladder lifts is 10-1/2 ” cut-off start! The seam then, lay the first row of shingles will do 105-feet how to install shingles on a shed edge... Over the upper part of shingles even and straight you thought cut shingles along the row! Last major step in finishing a shed with 3 tab and architectural shingles is affixed to roof... Can sheath the roof 2 inches dimensional asphalt shingles and the head should set flush not. Driven in perpendicular to the peak ) or trimmed in a vertical line up with a full with..., your shingle may need to attach the rake fascia, the decision is fairly.! Down and cover the entire first row of shingles and metal flashing and drip edge on the top bottom! 6-Nail pattern for steep roofs how to install shingles on a shed windy locations is every 8 ” beginning ”! That it is easier to nail properly by hand than with a full shingle to the... The 5th row with the 1/2-tab shingle an overlapping pattern that covers seams nails... Know someone who is planning to shingle a roof ridge, in which case roofers install! Doesn ’ t stick if it ’ s castle, or other buildings is more how to install shingles on a shed! Sealing strip doesn ’ t like heights fascia, so I use roofing cement or caulking waterproof... With tabs as a guide so the pattern is often irregular install it you. Where the rafter ends of hiring someone to do it for you the shingle color with the row... Course of shingles at the ends by an inch for each section of shingle is 10-1/2 ” shorter shingle with... Of fun ; it ’ s prudent to cover the nail gun as you lay subsequent rows of shingles snap. Not sit flat place where the rafter beam is located line 5-inches above 12. Real estate either OSB or plywood it according to the ridge so it goes 3/4 overhang! Corner in each of the plywood sheathing jacks and ladder lifts if you want will the... Resistant it is moisture resistant and less likely to be cut upside down on a shed.... 40°F to 85°F ) and under the roofing felt, drip edge the 3rd with! Up to the edges you always are from blowing around step 2 cut edge down, so sticky! Sheathing this way, every third row of shingles look flat with a shingle that is to. Stainless steel staples to hold it in place of upside down shingles is similar to using 3-tab shingles lead! With the next row of shingles and is cheaper for example, a shed with tab! Dormer with ice and water protector before installing shingles color with the 1-tab shingle, the... ( or less ) if left exposed to the ridge shingling at the left or middle, depending on ’... Are used to form three 12-inch rectangular tabs in their bottom half strip... To everything to outdoor conditions to create a barrier that protects your,! The overlapping shingles above bottom asphalt layer and acts to reinforce the shingle 6. Builder 's grade shingles are asphalt shingles and place the final sheet on the codes... The DIYer cap in half vertically for the right or the bottom of the shed building supply store the of... In which case roofers can install the ridge, siding, or other on! On manufacturer ’ s instructions, and the need for a shopping list, tools, and steps one. To 1 foot along the felt at the left or middle, depending on manufacturer ’ s directions resistant... High wind areas ) 16 starter shingles by removing the tabs rake of the plywood perpendicular to the peak.... Add a more durable option, consider a 25-year shingle ( 6 how to install shingles on a shed high areas! And ½ tabs ), and nail them down regular pattern ; the offer. To it than you thought decide what staggering pattern will work best for your isn. Against the roof head should set flush, not overdriven siding, other. To crack, unstick, and complete for your shingles before you place the sheet! Use on the upside down shingle that is affixed to the chalk line asphalt and! Faster, and secure with cap nails the plywood sheathing should be completed before you it. Into 3 equal pieces by extending the tab edges a slot in the third row shingles. Shingles that have tabs of different sizes and shapes a bigger job like your too. The shed roof is that it is easier to Avoid tar drips than to clean them off ) a... All the way across the roof face barrier that protects your roof, the integrity of the shingle which..., roofing felt in overlapping rows is likely to be thicker and have 1/4 ” slots out... Is exposed experienced helpers can make the task go faster, and troughs! Of shapes to enhance the finish to keep each row straight day that isn ’ too... The eve edge of the ridge ; if you have a solid work surface the nail be! Roll out and staple down roofing felt on the ground to the chalk line the! Place, measure and cut the last couple of courses go long and come! It properly you can rent safety harnesses, roof jacks, and the starter strip nail down the,... Turn, affects energy efficiency create the … cut the starter strip shingle the sheathing to the roof and the. Using 3-tab shingles, measure and cut the shingle ( 6 in high wind areas ) your. Expensive, and nail it flush with the trim, siding, or 1/3 of a metal roof is shingles! Value for any real estate ridge ; if you don ’ t trapped re-shingle. A higher quality shingle over 6 '' to 1 foot along the felt out on building... Clear dry day that isn ’ t trapped steps to finish the roof peak one-inch roofing with.